We’ve got the 411 on Lumineers Vs. Veneers (and More)


I’ve Heard of Veneers – Aren’t Lumineers the Same Dental Treatment?

It’s not uncommon to have a chipped tooth here and there. Or, others may have to deal with a misshapen, crooked or discolored tooth (or ten!). In some instances we may be “the lucky one,” who gets to experience all of the above. In such cases, there is no need to despair. Instead, those seeking a cosmetic solution to varying disappointing teeth scenarios can opt for Lumineers. See how this custom-made, minimally invasive procedure improves many unwanted imperfections of the teeth and widens the smiles of many happy recipients.

I’ve Heard of Veneers – Aren’t Lumineers the Same Dental Treatment?

Short answer: no. Although veneers and Lumineers are similar in that they treat cosmetic teeth imperfections there are several factors that differentiate the two options. Traditional veneers, for example, are a more primitive technique utilized to treat inadequacies of the teeth such as discoloration, the awkward spacing between teeth and chipped or broken teeth. In addition to being an invasive process, requiring drilling, shots and aesthetically unappealing acrylic temporary replacements, veneer application permanently alters natural teeth.

In lieu of veneers, many cosmetic dental patients are opting for Lumineers. In addition to a natural appearance, Lumineers don’t require alteration to the original tooth, are durable, much thinner than veneers and can last up to twenty years.


Are There Other Benefits to Lumineers!

Yes! Lumineers don’t necessitate as much prep, and the process is minimally invasive – no drilling or numbing required. The entire process typically takes a total of two dental visits. The first visit includes photos and obtaining an impression of teeth. Usually a couple of weeks later Lumineers are then ready to be individually bonded to each tooth – totaling close to a 2-hour visit.

All in All, Lumineers Are Perfect for Individuals Who Seek to:

  • Permanently improve and lighten the color of teeth
  • Repair chipped teeth
  • Reshape crooked or odd-sized teeth
  • Alleviate gaps and unwanted spacing between teeth
  • Correct older dental work (whether crowns or bridgework)
  • Align crooked teeth


One of the most impressive testaments of the effectiveness and aesthetic appeal of Lumineers is in before and after images. Peruse the smiles to see if you have relatable improvement goals.


If you’d like to know more about Lumineers vs. veneers or whether you are a candidate for Lumineers, take advantage of our virtual smile analysis. If you’re ready to capture that beautiful smile you’ve always dreamed of, contact us now to set up an appointment, 508-544-0756.

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