Cosmetic Dentistry


From passports to driver’s licenses to work ID’s, it’s common to be asked not to smile for identification photos. That’s because our smiles can dramatically transform our appearance because a bright smile makes you look more attractive and confident.

But maybe your smile doesn’t look the way you want it. Your teeth might have unattractive gaps, or maybe you did not brush well enough or smoked a lot so now your teeth are yellowed.

Or maybe you’ve recently had an accident or injury that damaged your teeth. People seek out cosmetic dentistry for a variety of reasons, but a few major ones are: to improve the physical attractiveness of their teeth, to repair teeth from accidents, to look younger, to make their teeth perfect for their wedding.

Fortunately, modern cosmetic dentistry provides many affordable treatments to improve our teeth and smiles.

Exciting Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

Adults everywhere are grateful for the existence of clear braces. Whether you didn’t have access to braces as a child or your teeth have shifted since, you want to change the alignment, narrow gaps, and generally improve the spacing of teeth in your mouth. However, you don’t want braces. That’s why clear braces have revolutionized cosmetic dentistry for adults.

Porcelain veneersLumineers, and teeth whitening are great treatments to treat discoloration on the teeth. Teeth are discolored for a variety of reasons, including aging, tobacco use, and eating certain foods. That’s why people of all ages look to fix tooth discoloration, it makes you look both young and healthy.

From porcelain crown to cosmetic bonding there are numerous ways to repair decayed, broken, cracked, or chipped teeth. As well as many options to replace missing teeth. There is no reason to settle for an embarrassing or imperfect smile when you can find so many affordable solutions.

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