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Scientists have discovered that the first dental implants date back to 600 AD, as they found tooth-like pieces of shell hammered into a Mayan woman’s jaw. Although this is an incredible revelation, modern advances in dentistry show that titanium is a more effective alternative to shells because it fuses to the bone easily. To take advantage of the progress made in dental implants, call or make an appointment online today to discuss dental implants with one of the dentists at Prime Smile Dental Group in Marlborough, Massachusetts.

Dental Implants

What are dental implants?

Dental implants replace your tooth roots with prosthetic materials. Usually consisting of a titanium post, the dentists at Prime Smile Dental Group surgically position dental implants into your jawbone beneath your gum line. Doing so allows for the mounting of replacement teeth or a bridge.

There are two main types of implants:


As the most popular type of dental implant, endosteal implants, made of titanium and shaped like small screws, get placed in your jawbone by the dentists at Prime Smile Dental Group.


If your jawbone isn’t healthy enough to support this tooth replacement method, Dr. Ghazi, who is well known for dental implants, places your subperiosteal dental implants under your gum and above your jawbone.

How are dental implants done?

The steps involved in getting dental implants are:

Initial consultation

One of the dentists at Prime Smile Dental Group examines your mouth, takes X-rays, and develops a plan for your implant surgery.

Dental implant placement

At your next appointment, you receive either local anesthesia or IV sedation, and your dentist places your dental implant in your jawbone where your tooth is missing. Discomfort after surgery is similar to that of any other dental procedure.


During the healing process, your implant and jawbone grow together. This process, which takes a few weeks, is called osseointegration. Osseointegration enables your mouth to form a tough, long-lasting foundation for your replacement teeth.

Abutment placement

Once the osseointegration process is over, your dentist places a small connector, called an abutment, just above your gum line on the dental implant.

Custom-make and attach new teeth

Once your gums heal, your dentist at Prime Smile Dental Group sends impressions of your mouth to a lab, and custom-made artificial teeth are created for you. These teeth are then attached to your abutment.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

Dental implants play an integral part in both your general health and the health of your other teeth. Without dental implants, lost teeth cause chewing problems, additional tooth loss, and other subsequent issues.

Dental implants help improve your appearance, confidence, and your ability to both eat and participate in an active lifestyle.

Dental implants never decay and, with proper maintenance, last a lifetime. Stop worrying about your oral health and call or make an appointment online today to discuss dental implants with Prime Smile Dental Group in Marlborough, Massachusetts.